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Last week we were very fortunate when Gavin Weldon from Wel-Tech gave a group of us some fantastic tips on how to check our sprayer is in good condition before using it at the start of the season. A healthy sprayer is an efficient sprayer! Leaks, broken parts, incorrect pressure and many other factors can mean wasted money and resources during spraying, so it is much better to check your sprayer now and save problems later.

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3. Increase Clay-humus complex in soils.
4. Minimise granular fertiliser
5. Recycle green “waste” in agriculture.

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Here are some tips for checking your sprayer from Gavin.

  • Connected sprayer to tractor correctly
  • Make sure PTO shaft cover is in good working order (very important on any machine but especially a sprayer as pump needs to be on when filling and mixing )
  • Check sprayer is working correctly with clean water
  • Check suction and pressure filters are clean ,then fill sprayer with water
  • Test in a safe area away from drains and water ways
  • Turn on sprayer and check for leaks and blocked nozzles
  • Decide on what nozzle to use
  • Refer to Nozzle chart to check what nozzle and pressure is required
  • Decide on the rate needed to be applied
  • Pick a speed ideally between 8 and 10 Km (when deciding on a speed to travel be sure u are able to maintain a consistent speed this is vital if working a sprayer with manual pressure controller )
  • Pick a nozzle ideal spraying pressure 3 bar with low drift nozzles
  • Make sure all nozzles are same size and are working correctly
  • Ideally use a Low drift nozzle
  • Half fill sprayer and add the required volume of chemical (use appropriate PPE clothing )
  • Work out volume require
  • Example 200 ltr per ha if Sprayer holds 1000 litres sprayer will spray 5ha 12.35 acres per fill
  • Check for weather conditions
  • Check the crop if dry and fit to be sprayed

Example of nozzles

Nozzles blue 03
  • Speed 7km pressure
  • 2.9 bar
  • rate 200 ltr per ha
  • Speed 9km pressure
  • 3 bar
  • rate 158 ltr per ha
  • Speed 10 Km
  • pressure 3 bar
  • rate 142 ltr per ha
Red 04 nozzles
  • Speed 8km
  • Pressure 3 bat
  • Rate 236 ltr per ha
  • Speed 9km
  • Pressure 3bar
  • Rate 210 ltr per ha
  • Speed 10 Km
  • Rate 3bar
  • Rate 190 ltr per ha

Note these rates are a guide based on new nozzles and calibrated pressure gauges

Wel-Tech was established by Gavin Weldon in 2013. The business initially specialised in sprayer repair and testing due to Gavin recognising an opening in the area for these services. After working with a large range of GPS systems over the years Wel-Tech moved into the area of Topcon systems and RDS weighing systems.

to get in touch with Gavin visit the Wel-Tech website: