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Armagh, Banbridge & Craigavon Council launched their Agriculture Strategy today where they highlighted the need for improvement in farming practices and the uptake of new technologies.

Some of the key themes in the new strategy include the need for sustainable farm business, caring for the environment, dealing with waste/by-products/slurries, creating biodiversity and improving soil health to meet our environmental responsibilities.

You can access the full strategy by clicking the link below (opens to the ABC Council website – Agriculture Strategy).

At Biome Connect we’ve been speaking for a while now about the importance of maximising nitrogen and nutrients from existing farm resources like animal bedding, FYM & slurry, improving biodiversity on the farm and using more sustainable farming methods.

And we’ve been advocating for farmers to think about really leaning in to the circular economy which exists on the farm, using natural resources that both increase the health of your soil and your animals while at the same time reducing your reliance on expensive inputs and other products that are massively rising in cost.

After listening to the the speakers today at the ABC Council Agriculture Strategy launch, we know that industry and government feel the same.

Adam Henson speaking at the ABC Borough Council launch today @CotswoldFarmPrk @BBCCountryfile

The future of farming and the future of food in this country is heavily dependent on educating people about the effects of a short supply chain and us as farmers re-discovering and re-implementing more sustainable practices, reducing waste and aligning ourselves with the circular farming system.

These issues, changes and ideas range far further than our local council area, but this first of its kind strategy in Northern Ireland should serve as a signal to the wider government and farming community that now is the time to secure our farming future by looking at ways we can each improve our own farming systems to benefit ourselves, our community and our country.

How Biome Connect can help farmers.

We are experts in improving farm efficiency, improving soil health and helping farmers achieve a circular farming system.

From soil testing, soil improvement, foliar fertiliser, fodder and crop additives, slurry treatment and animal husbandry we can help you get the most out of your farm.

The benefits aren’t just in managing resources in the current global situation, but in the sustainable, profitable and healthy future of your farm.

To find out how we can help you, or to learn more about our products please get in touch with Mal Hughes