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Soil Amendments

Soil Amendments offering has grown to include a whole host of micro and macro nutrients all with the sole aim of feeding the plant to increase yields and profits. 

Sustainable Products

Feeding crops with artificial fertilisers and other nutrients has worked, but this method is unsustainable. Global Warming and the degradation of our soils, which are directly linked, are quickly approaching a point of no return. Atmospheric CO2 levels are increasing year on year with Soil Carbon levels doing the exact opposite.

Agricultural practices are not solely responsible for the effects of Global Warming but they have definitely contributed. Luckily Agriculture and more specifically our soils can go a long way to reversing the damage caused by artificial fertilisers, pesticides, fungicides and even the plough.

Sustainable Products

Soil Amendments

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Ready to use mix of Effective Micro-organisms (EM)


Crushed Sea Shell Grit that buffers acidic soils. 


Naturally occurring Montmorillonite clay mineral

Vulkamin Granulate

Naturally occurring Volcanic Rock made from Aluminium Silicate


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