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Sustainable agriculture doesn’t mean sacrificing on farm performance.  Our products focus on maximising home grown feed and forage, improving animal feed efficiencies and recycling energy.

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We believe that sustainable agriculture doesn’t mean sacrifcing on farm performance. Realising the genetic potential of animals through increased efficiency means fewer inputs are needed to achieve the same yields, with no compromise on animal health.

Biome Connect has partnered with leading testing companies, Eurofins and Biome Makers, to help us offer the agricultural market the most up to date testing and analysis technology available.

Analysis Measurement & Management

Soil Carbon Check

Prove and claim carbon capture

Soil is a powerful tool. It stores more than three times the amount of CO2 compared to the air, forests and other vegetation. Farmers and growers hold the key to this. Tilling the soil less often or sowing green manures are measures they can take to improve the carbon storage.

Our Soil Carbon Check off ers insight in how much carbon is stored, in the quality of the soil carbon and how to improve the soil carbon content.

Analysis Measurement & Management

Soil Health Check

Healthy, viable and sustainable growing

Biome Connect Soil Health Solutions consists of five components. We report carbon, as well as the physical, biological and chemical aspects of soil health. We also report any potential problems that could be caused by contaminants in the soil.

With this we enable farmers and growers to close yield gaps, to contribute to food safety and to produce high quality food and feed for the world’s growing population.

Analysis Measurement & Management


Devise a proper fertilising strategy

The composition of animal manure varies enormously per farm. Therefore, the average composition of manure is an unreliable guide for fertilising decisions.

How much nitrogen (N), phosphate (P) and potassium (K) does a cubic metre of manure contain? Does animal manure contain sufficient organic matter to keep the level in the soil constant? These are questions that can be answered through Biome Connect proper manure analysis.

Analysis Measurement & Management


Feed the life within your soil

At Biome Connect we understand the importance of maximising nitrogen and nutrients from existing farm resources like animal bedding, FYM & slurry, improving biodiversity on the farm and using more sustainable farming methods.

And we’ve been advocating for farmers to think about really leaning in to the circular economy which exists on the farm, using natural resources that both increase the health of your soil and your animals while at the same time reducing your reliance on expensive inputs and other products that are massively rising in cost.

Analysis Measurement & Management


Quality drinking water for your cattle

We can also analyse the water source to identify the presence of a number of pathogens. As a farmer, you want the optimum quality of drinking water for your cattle. This seems obvious, but it is not.

The quality is insufficient at a great number of cattle farms, and in many cases this also has negative consequences for the health of the livestock. You can have analysis carried out on water pumped to the surface, surface water, water from pasture pumps or water from the barn tap.

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