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“We already ferment our grass and lucerne to make silage and we know that works, so why not do it with our muck too?”

Bokashi is a Japanese name for well femented organic matter . Organic matter is one of the most important aspects of our soil ecosystem and is the engine room that drives a fully functional and beneficial soil microbiome. 

The benefits of using our FYM bokashi system are:

  • Your FYM is ready to spread in 8 weeks
  • It will decompose in approx. 3 weeks
  • It retains nutrients within the heap
  • Bokashi promots a healthy soil ecosystem (microbiome)
  • For every ton of bokashi you spread you replace 40-50kg of bagged fertiliser

Read more about how Guy & Peter improved the efficiency of their farmyard manure using the Bokashi System.

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Mal Hughes


This article originally featured in Farm Week 31 December 2021