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Microbial Teat Dip / Conditioner Contains naturally occurring Microbes Lactic Acid and Biopolymer Creates an active flm over teats Moisturises teats Inhibits harmful bacteria EM Teat Care is specially designed to condition as well as protect cows teats. It is created by fermenting naturally occurring biopolymers with Lactic Acid Bacteria. This creates a teat dip that cleans the teat, moisturises the skin and creates an active flm to provide long term protection from mastitis causing pathogens. EM Teat Care can be used pre and post milking as either a dip or spray.
All infections are caused by microbes which is why applying good microbes, as with EM Skin Care, you can outcompete and suppress harmful pathogens, by way of competitive exclusion. The microbes within EM Skin Care also form a protective film over the wound, ensuring long term protection as well as promoting healing.