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Ostrea Shell Rumen Buffer

100% naturally occurring organic sea and oyster shells rumen buffer.

Ostrea helps sustains a more consistent rumen pH. It also provides an excellent source of calcium, helping with healthier hooves and reducing lameness, overall improving the health of high yielding dairy cows.

Ostrea is our most popular rumen buffer. It has an extremely complex honeycomb structure that provides all-day protection. Ostrea oyster shell flours are a source of chalk derived from natural shell banks in the North Sea.

  • Stabilises rumen pH
  • Reduces risk of Acidosis
  • Improved Butter fats
  • Rich in Calcium
  • Will not over buffer

Ostrea is extremely soluble meaning once it has finished buffering Ostrea becomes a rich source of calcium, essential minerals and trace elements which are all available to the cow

Available in 25kg, qty 40 bags of 25kg, and 1000kg bags


25kg, 40 x 25kg, 1000kg


  • Sustained buffering capacity stabilises rumen pH in the optimum range between 6 & 7
  • Reduced risk of rumen acidosis, leading to improved performance & feed efficiency
  • Improved general health of high yielding dairy cows
  • Healthier hooves and reduced lameness
  • Improved Calcium : Phosphorous balance in feeding stuffs
  • Natural source of essential minerals & trace elements
  • Rich in Calcium
  • Good absorption


  • Lactating Cows (Housed) – 100gms / head / day
  • Lactating Cows (Grazing) – 80gms / head / day
  • Calves & Young Stock – 50gms / head / day
  • Beef Cattle – 50gms / head / day


Available in 25kg & 1000kg bags


Keep in a cool dry place.