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EM Skin Care Animal Husbandry

EM Skin Care is an active blend of naturally occurring disease suppressing micro-organisms. EM Skin Care has shown to be highly effective in combatting infective fungal conditions of the skin.

Contains no chemical or pharmaceutical components.

Safe to use on all animals and on sensitive parts such as the nose, ears, teats, and around the eyes.

By using EM Skin Care you populate the skin with good microbes. These good microbes out compete and suppress the opportunistic pathogenic microbes who were already present to ensure your animals remain healthy.

EM Skin Care helps promote the naturally occurring healthy micro-flora on the skin to inhibit the growth of pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Pathogenic microbes can become established on the skin from contact with other infected animals or following adverse weather conditions or minor grazes and scratches.

You never know when a cow is going to be exposed to mastitis causing bacteria, when a horse is going to cut its leg on a hack, when a calf is going to experience ringworm or even when sheep are infected with foot rot causing bacteria. Prevention is a simple spray away.

  • Promotes and protects the naturally occurring microflora on the skin.
  • Treats fungal infections.
  • Moisturizes damaged skin, which shortens the healing process.
  • Shown to be highly effective on inhibiting ringworm.


  • Promotes the naturally occurring and healthy microflora on the skin.
  • Treats fungal infections on the skin, ears, and paws.
  • Forms an active protective film on the skin and strengthens the skin’s natural protective flora while inhibiting opportunistic pathogens.
  • Inhibits opportunistic pathogen.
  • Enhances the natural protective acid mantle in the skin.
  • Contains lactic acid which moisturises damaged skin, which shortens the healing process.


  • Spray on the coat and/or the irritated/damaged area. Use a soft brush to work it properly into the coat. Repeat daily or every other day.
  • Apply by spraying the affected area at close range and massaging in with a soft paintbrush.
  • In the winter, for example, spraying under your horse’s blanket is definitely recommended! 
  • EM® SkinCare is safe to use on all animals and on sensitive parts such as the nose, ears, teats, and around the eyes, etc.