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EM-1 is a mixture of freely occurring naturally occurring Effective Micro-organisms and is used to increase the natural resistance of soil, plant, water, humans & animals. EM-1 contains several types of effective micro-organisms.

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EM-1® is the original and authentic Effective Micro-organisms (EM) discovered and formulated by Dr. Teruo Higa.

EM-1® is an all-natural probiotic for plants and soils. It is a natural, safe technology with many applications around the garden, agriculture, animal husbandry, environmental and water treatment, and health care.

A certified organic input, EM-1® can be expanded by the user to increase the product volume 20 fold, making it a low-cost microbial input.

The combination of microbes in EM has a reviving action on an ecosystem and is completely safe to use. In the soil, EM will function by increasing the beneficial microbes which will improve soil health and function. EM will also improve fertiliser effectiveness by reducing leaching and improving plant availability leading to increased performance in your farming system. In a waste management system, EM will control odours and breaks down organic matter in the form of sludge and inorganic deposits to revive the function of a waste system.

EM-1® Concentrate can also be combined with other products such as liquid fertiliser, and other microbial food sources to enhance the EM effect.

EM-1® is completely free of GMO-altered microbes and contains only carefully selected soil microbes. The preparation is produced in a laboratory environment with high purification requirements. Activated EM-1® is sold under the product name Actiferm and is available in everything from 2L Bag in Box to 1000 L IBC on pallets.


1 Litre, 10 Litre, 250ml


  • Improves the chemical, physical and biological properties of the earth
  • Purifies water.
  • Increases crop production and reduces dependence on pesticides and fertilizers.
  • Activates germination, flowering, fruiting, maturation, and root development.
  • Reduces the appearance of diseases by an increase in the general hardiness of plants.
  • Increased uptake of organic nutrients available in the soil.
  • Provides shorter rotation time when composting etc.


  • EM1 Concentrate should be enhanced and expanded by a secondary process using equal parts of molasses (LINK) and water. This process will expand EM-1 20 times making it very cost-effective.
  • If you feel you are not ready for making your own we have a cost-effective, less time-consuming way of using Actiferm 

When to apply

  • Apply at important plant growth stages
  • Apply with fertiliser to enhance effectiveness
  • Apply when incorporating crop residues and composting waste
  • Apply to effluent and wastewater for odour control and effective treatment
  • Apply to Septic Tank Maintenance, keeping content liquid and odour free.


Mix of 80 micro-organisms Contains EM (Effective Microorganisms)


  • Store dark and cool.
  • EM-1® lasts one year in unbroken packaging.
  • Preferably should be used within six months of opening.
  • Activated EM® should be used within one month.
  • At warmer temperatures gas formation can take place in the package, corrected by screwing the lid on and off.