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Edasil Clay Minerals

Edasil is a Bentonite clay containing an exceptionally high percentage of Montmorillonite clay.

This means Edasil has the largest Cation Exchange Capacity (C.E.C) of all clay types, directly linked to soil health and fertility.

Suitable for Organic systems.

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Edasil clay particles play a very important role in soil fertility. In this way, they can regulate the moisture in the soil very well. They also ensure that the essential trace elements, such as zinc, copper, and manganese, are bound and released when there is a shortage of these elements.

  • Increases CEC of soils
  • Improves water absorption
  • Improves light and sandy soils
  • Better nutrient uptake by crops
  • Used in making Bokashi

Clay minerals together with micro-organisms, organic material, even grains of sand, form an indispensable soil substance, namely the “clay-humus complex”. The clay-humus complex provides, among other things, pH buffering, regulation of phosphate and sulphate, the exchange of nutrients for the plants, and even moisture, air, and heat management in the soil. Clay minerals have a pH7-8, contains 6-8% moisture, and can absorb up to 135% water.

Authorised in organic farming in accordance with European regulation 834


3kg, 25kg, 42 bags of 25kg, 1000kg


  • Great absorption power.
  • Play an important role in soil fertilization.
  • Binds important nutrients.
  • Less loss of nutrients.
  • Collaborates with micro-organisms.
  • Has a large adhesion surface thanks to its ‘pad’ structure and works as an ion buffer in the soil.
  • Better management of water and oxygen resources.
  • Ensure a more active life in the soil.

Authorised in organic farming in accordance with European regulation 834


Can be applied by hand or using a fertiliser spreader.

It can be lightly incorporated into the soil but this is not a necessity.

Safe for pets

  • Soil Improver: 200 to 300 kgs / ha / year.
  • Garden: 10 kg per acre.
  • Planting in holes: 2 to 4% of the volume.
  • Golf Courses -Spread an amount of 500kg / ha / year.
  • Horticulture, market gardening: 300 to 500kg / ha.
  • Floriculture: 300 to 500kg / ha.
  • On the compost pile: 10kg per m³.


Edasil Clay Minerals


Keep in a cool dry place.