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Bladkali TS

Bladkali is a Foliar Potassium fertaliser with added sulphur Crop Nutrition exactly when it is needed! (Equipment safe, No Scorch) Potash is generally applied to the seedbed but is not required in large amounts until the crop is actively growing, usually months later on.

Bladkali TS Foliar Potassium Fertiliser (0-0-25)

Bladkali TS is a special foliar fertilizer for feeding plants additional potassium, it is also rich in Sulphur. Unique because it is a non salt based solution that is not prone to scorching and quickly absorbed through the leaf epidermis.

Potassium content is 0-0-25 including 42% Sulphur.  Bladkali is the perfect solution to compensate a potassium deficiency by easy foliar application directly through the leaves as and when it needs it.  Especially with potatoes, bulbs and vegetables, a lack of potash is easily identified and can be immediately corrected.

Most potash fertilisers are salt based, which can cause damage to the seed by drawing out water, also harmful to the microbiome and damaging to the structural integrity of clay particles. Bladkali TS is a soil safe foliar fertiliser.

Apply as a tank-mix with a spray programme, it’s also compatible with most fungicides, pesticides & herbicides, allowing for less passes on your land.


  • Feeds the crop when it needs it
  • Absorbed by the epidermis
  • Has no salt characteristics
  • No leaf burn ( scorching)
  • Compatible with most fungicides, pesticides & herbicides
  • Less bruising in potatoes
  • Improved water transportation
  • Improved trace element uptake
  • Stronger crop

AVAILABLE IN: 10L cans or 720L on a pallet

APPLICATION:5-7L mixed with 300-500L of water