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Actiferm consists of a group of probiotic soil microbes that exist freely in nature and fix carbon dioxide and nitrogen in the soil. The microbes interact with the plants in the root zone, releasing nutrients, producing bioactive substances, and strengthening the Earth’s natural ecosystems.

Actiferm is a liquid mixture of active micro-organisms (bacteria, fungi, and yeasts) that promote waste materials’ organic conversion (fermentation). It is a ready-to-use solution to aid plant growth, soil fertility, and biological balance in ponds.

How does it do this?

Effective micro-organisms (EM) increase the natural immune resistance in nature to create a better balance for your microclimate. Healthy soil is the foundation of a great garden. Imagine having a micro army to help you in the garden?

Actiferm can be used with all plant and soil types to improve the natural balance usually lost with other soil improvers. You will see an improvement in general health and yields of fruit vegetables as well as doing your part for climate change in a 100% organic way.

With ponds, Actiferm will enhance the quality of the water and improve the availability of necessary nutrients to the water plants. It will also help convert organic matter into nutrients to feed living organisms in the water.

Weight N/A

2 litre box, 20 litre box


In the Garden use Actiferm as a soil improver;

    • Improves
    • Promotes healthy roots and plants
    • Increases soil fertility
    • Suppresses soil pathogens
    • Will fix atmospheric nitrogen, reducing the need for fertilisers
    • Bigger crop yields
    • Use as a compost accelerator
    • Great for spraying topiaries.
    • It produces good bacteria to fight the fungus, feeds the plant and improves the soil.


    • Optimise the balance in the water
    • Enhance the quality of the water
    • improve the availability of necessary nutrients to the water plants.

For Stables

    • Eliminates odours and flies
    • Better breakdown of manure
    • Improves the life of the paddock soil and turf

How to use

  • Around the garden: Actiferm can be used throughout your garden. Water the kitchen garden, plantations, shrubs, and trees every 14 days.
  • To help suppress disease: Foliar by spraying on plants and vegetables at risk of fungal diseases. Repeated use of Actiferm has an accumulating effect on the living bacteria and the rhizosphere in the soil.
  • To ferment for Bokashi: of vegetable and animal residues. Bokashi is an energy-saving technique in which organic matter and nutrients are maintained, which improves the yield for the soil.
  • Against bad odor: The more efficient degradation limits the formation of ammonia, thereby reducing bad odors and the number of flies in stables and other animal enclosures.
  • As preparation: preparing the soil before sowing, soaking seeds, and spraying on growing seedlings.
  • To purify: Together with Bokashiler balls to purify ponds, rivers, lakes, and seas.


  • Yeast: Contribute to essential ecological processes such as mineralising organic material and distributing carbon and energy through the soil ecosystem.
  • Fungi: Important as decomposers in the soil food web. They convert hard-to-digest organic material into forms that other organisms can use.
  • Lactic Acid Bacteria: Speeds up the decomposition of organic matter and releases available nutrients to plants and organisms. It also suppresses harmful microbes.
  • Phototrophic Bacteria: Critical to nitrogen and carbon cycling within the soil and soil productivity, water retention and soil stability.
  • Actinomycetes: Large family of microbes including antibiotics, nitrogen-fixing bacteria and decomposers of lignin, chitin, and insect exoskeletons.
  • Store at room temperature, not in sun or above 38C.
  • Practical Bag-in-Box lasts at least 1 year after the production date.