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The Problem

“Manure management and disposal presents a problem in the equine industry where many properties would have 1-3 animals, producing around 10 tons or 9000L volume of manure each per year.” (Westendorf et al., 2020)

The equestrian business tends to be a margin driven industry that produces considerable amounts of Farm-Yard Manure (FYM) adding to running costs.

Storage of large quantities of FYM leads to congestion on the farm, problems with space utilisation and increasing costs of removal of FYM.  FYM can be contained on site for long periods of time for the manure to breakdown into a spreadable product onto the land which has an environmental impact as there is loss of ammonia as well as problems with leaching and soil health.

Our Solution

In order to make optimal use of the storage of manure our solution is to convert FYM to a viable and valuable organic soil improver.  We will provide the vital organic products to assist in the fermentation of FYM and in turn provide the equine industry with a product they can reuse on farm.

The benefits of this solution will:


Create optimal nutrition for the soil


Increase the balance of organic matter


Savings on disposal costs


Recycling of own waste products


Reduce ammonia loss

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