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Fermenting Organic Matter

There are tons of agricultural benefits of Bokashi, such as retaining nutrients, reducing emission, restoring soil health, feeding soil biology and compost could be ready in as little as 8 weeks.

Bokashi Fermentation of Organic Matter

There are many different ways to decompose organic matter but anaerobic fermentative
decomposition, or Bokashi, is the most effcient. By fermenting organic matter you retain almost all nutrients within as well as breaking down the woody and fibrous material. This whole process can be done in as little as 8 weeks, however, like most fermentations, the longer you leave it the better.

Unlike other decomposition methods, Bokahsi doesn’t release Greenhouse Gasses into the
atmosphere or leach effluent which can pollute nearby water courses. This reduces your
environmental footprint while keeping hold of all the nutrients to create a pre-digested, nutrient dense, food for the soil.

Bokashi Applications

Bokashi Good for the Livestock Housing Environment

Bokashi for Soil Health and Fertility

Bokashi Good for the Environment

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Bokashi is an anaerobic form of fermentation


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