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Our company name ‘Biome Connect’ derived from our knowledge of the microorganisms that exists in our everyday environment and how they are all connected.  With an ever increasing focus on our gut biome and soil biology we recognised the community of microorganisms, that we are surrounded by in daily lives, are interlinked and the microbes perform a pivotal role within soil and environmental health.

We endeavour to build awareness about the positive effects beneficial microbes have in our environment from our soil and animal welfare to our homes and daily lives and how they are all connected hence the name ‘Biome Connect’.

Biome Connect work closely with our partners and industry leaders to provide greater knowledge and understanding of how small changes can make a big impact.  We place value on listening to our customers to gain a holistic understanding and consider every aspect of their current farming system. We then develop a plan with the customer to reduce their environmental impact and improve soil health to help deliver on the responsibilities now facing us.

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