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Soil is the beginning of the journey for most food production systems.  Working with nature and understanding the natural soil process is our way to a productive and regenerative/ sustainable food system.


Community is at the core of the circular farming cycle. Purchasing and consuming locally produced, nutrient rich, food helps complete the cycle.  It enables the community to continue to build through soil health, diversity and regeneration whilst supporting a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle. 


Our farms are the hub of the systems and processes we put in place.  With an emphasis on biology and the role it will play in complementing and improving farm processes this will aid us in building a truly regenerative and sustainable food production system.

Crops/ Food

Our crops are the fruits of our labour, from veg and grains to the forage crops we feed our animals. Expanding the use of the environmentally friendly systems contributes to sustainable food & crop production.  Biology will perform a significant role in improving farm efficiencies and more importantly, biology and the soil microbiome will help our soils cycle nutrients in a natural way to grow the nutritious crops and food, we need for our growing communities.

Animal Livestock     

Grazing animals play a fundamental role within a productive & healthy soil ecosystem.  They help to drive soil process, cycling nutrients & return organic matter back to the soil, this also aids in natural carbon sequestration.

Manure/Waste Cycle

The waste cycle has a significant role in reducing the need for expensive and sometimes damaging inputs. With the understanding of the interaction between all the components of our waste cycle, this gives us an advantage in driving soil health and reduction our environmental footprint.  Returning nutrients and organic matter back to the soil will deliver a positive impact to crops and soil health but also the wider environment.

CENTRE – Biome Connect

Nurturing the circular farming system is at the centre of what we do.  We help customers work with nature, to reduce the need for expensive farm inputs and make better use of on farm resources such as forage, slurry and FYM (Farmyard manure) and organic matters, as well as understanding that working with natural biology in advancing regenerative and sustainable food production for the future.

Nurturing the

Circular Farming System

Who We Are

Recognising that agricultural and horticultural practices have a growing focus on environmental sustainability, Biome Connect was stablished in 2020 and set out on a journey to assist the industry in providing achievable goals.

Our aim is to nurture the circular farming system by helping customers improve efficiencies within their businesses.  We aim to reduce the need for expensive farm inputs and make better use of on farm resources such as forage, slurry and FYM (Farm yard manure).  We provide sustainable alternative products, practices, and solutions to enable the industry meet their environmental responsibilities for the future.

Our diverse collection of horticultural products are designed to aid food and plant production with an emphasis on soil health, soil biology and a healthy microbiome within the plant growing area.

Our livestock and animal husbandry products are selected to help maintain animal health and provide sustainable solutions for healthy livestock and their living environment.

Our Arable products and practices are put together with soil health and nutrient cycling at the heart of the production system.  Our selection of products together with our practices aim to optimise your soil-plant-manure.

We have a variety of Organically certificated products for a range of use.  Our Organic selection is designed to meet the needs of the organic market for soil animal health and crop production.

Our Equine range has been developed to treat protocols for the horses stable environment, pasture, feed and the horse itself.

Effective Microorganisms

We encourage the use of EM today and it is our attempt at restoring the natural balance that has disturbed by human intervention, namely the use of chemicals, inorganic fertilisers and monocultures.

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